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From our own barley...

Craft Farming Brewery Made in Friuli



Under the sign of passion and tradition was created in Friuli Venezia Giulia the craft farming beer Gjulia®.

The Zorzettig brothers, Marco and Massimo, sharing a long lasting experience in winemaking, are now entering the world of microbreweries, they are going to highlight the value of their own crops: 14 hectares of barley and 2 hectares of wheat. The first used to produce base malt and the latter to obtain weizen beer. It is not by chance that the brewery is located in San Pietro al Natisone: the water springs of Monte Mia, supplying a pure and non contaminated water, crucial for the quality and success of the brew. The brewery relies on sustainability: the power consumption need for brewing is completely given by renewable sources.

The beers are top fermented and craft made without any filtration and pasteurising.
After the first fermentation and slow aging in steel casks at controlled temperature, the beer is bottled. As the secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle, a tiny visible sign of yeast maybe found in the bottom. We choose the wind rose as a symbol of our beers, starting from the NORD for the classic Pils then towards EST for Wheat beer, heading SUD for Stout and last destination OVEST for our Red Ale. To all of them, we added our special brews: NOSTRANA, made with organic barley and hops and GRECALE, an ale made with addition of Picolit grapes must, our jewel in the crown brew.

We hope you’ll be amazed by our beer as we’ve been amazed in creating them. Your emotion is our satisfaction.