ioi craft made gluten-free beer


Gluten free beer from malted barley

Top fermented gluten free pale ale made with barley malt.
It’s name is derived from an exclamation used to express joy and surprise in Friulian dialect.
IOI is a beer made with only malted barley, which undergoes a special pro‐ cess allowing the complete extraction of gluten, without altering the flavor of a true craft beer. Rich golden yellow with orange hues, on the nose citrus aromas with a fresh and very drinkable taste, a perfect pairing anytime.
Beer brewed with own‐produced malt.
Secondarily fermented and aged in bottle, not filtered nor pasteurized, forms natural sediments.

Alcohol Content

4,7% vol.

Plato Degree


Available sizes


Serving temperature

8° – 10°C