Prawns and asparagus risotto

Suggested pairing with Gjulia Beer Nostrana - Organic Ale

Ingredients for 6 servings

  • 420 g. Vialone Nano rice (Carnaroli might suit as well)
  • 800 g. Green Asparagus
  • 30 Prawns
  • Salt, Pepper
  • Vegetables stock
  • Butter

Peel the asparagus and cut into small pieces, keeping the tips whole.
Steam cook the asparagus for about 20 minutes and keep aside.
Peel the prawns, leaving 12 whole and cutting the rest into pieces.
Heat a large saucepan, add the rice and let it warm stirring constantly, after a few minutes add a scoop of hot stock and stir.
Continue adding gradually the hot stock, about 7 minutes from the end of cooking, add the prawns and asparagus (leaving 18 tips to garnish the plate), add salt and pepper.
In another pan, heat a little oil and cook for a few minutes the whole prawns, add the asparagus tips kept aside and salt.
When the rice is ready, stir in a knob of butter with heat off.
Serve with a tablespoon of rice and place 2 prawn tails over it and a few asparagus tips.