Est Bianca

Est Bianca

Our Wheat Beer (weizen) is a top fermented beer made with a mix of barley and wheat malts.
The wheat ensures intense scents along with especial aromatic sensations.
The beer head is fine-grained and persistent, the brew presents a yellow colour with tangerine hues.
The special yeast employed grants the highest aromas.
A rich and fulfilling taste means a complex brew although elegant and appealing at the same time.
Matches well spiced food, medium aged and blue cheeses, soups; also great with cold cuts.
Beer brewed with own‐produced malt and wheat.
Secondarily fermented and aged in bottle, not filtered nor pasteurized, forms natural sediments.

Alcohol Content

6% vol.

Plato Degree


Available sizes

330ml, 750ml, 1,5l

Serving temperature

8° – 10°C